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Maybe its because your house stumps are not level and your stumps are rotten.

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We are here to ensure that your foundations are secure and up to quality standard

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This could be due to your houses stumps they could be on their last legs and need a restump.

Looking for a quality and reliable foundation?

Call Brad at Brad’s House Restumping to make your home secure!

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Rotten Wooden Stump

Timber rots under the ground and can hollow out providing no support for your house. Get up-to-date with high quality steel stumps installed by Brad's House Restumping.

Rusty Steel Stumps

Don't buy inferior steel stumps that rust out well before their time. Concrete attacks poor quality stumps. We use hot dipped Gal or Maxi-tube stumps. Maxi-tube Brochure. Get the right stumps installed by Brad's House Restumping.

Brad's House Stumps

Our stumps last much longer because they are hot dipped galvanised and set in a raised dome of concrete with even shoulder height for optimal thread adjustment.

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We do complete and partial restumps. We level houses in Toowoomba and the surrounding districts. Find out more about us.

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We have extensive experience in restumping and levelling houses. Contact us to find out more today.

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